The Lower Laguna Madre Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to preserve and protect the natural resources of the South Texas intercoastal bay system for the present day and for posterity.


Wind power...It's green...It's good...It reducess our dependency on foreign oil. But does it? Or, is it merely a highly profitable financial scam for the many wind energy developers looking to erect industrial wind turbines in a town near you? Windfall explores these extremely controversial questions and gives us a new perspective on a hot topic issue.
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The Lower Laguna Madre Foundation, as a member in the Coastal Habitat Alliance, has been working to get guidelines written for the siting of wind industrial complexes in Texas. We now have the opportunity to support House Bill 3664 regarding proposed legislation on coastal wind industrial complex siting. This bill would establish a regulating and permitting procedure of wind industrial complexes to protect coastal resources and is designed to ensure that wind industrial complexes do not damage ecologically sensitive coastal zones. The Lower Laguna Madre Foundation urges you to support this bill by contacting your house representative.

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