The Lower Laguna Madre Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to preserve and protect the natural resources of the South Texas intercoastal bay system for the present day and for posterity.

To fulfill this end, LLMF will encourage balanced econimic use and conservation of the Lower Laguna Madre. It wil inform and educate the public about the life of the bay, serve as its advocate, and vigilantly monitor its use.

LLMF will sponsor activities and events contributing to the welfare of the bay system and will promote increased public respect for its natural wealth having great aesthetic, recreational and economic importance.

Managed by a board of trustees from diverse backgrounds, the Foundation welcomes such groups as sport and commercial fishermen, recreation interests, environmentalists, and business people interested in the Lower Laguna Madre.

The Foundation will pursue private funds and advocate allocation of public funds for needed research, education, and communication.

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